Me- Uttiya Roy

A boy born into indifference, that is who I am.. I do not claim to be great for I am not. I have faint wishes and a faint heart. Am not courageous and far from healthy. Yet, I live. How? I never think about myself. Whenever my thoughts fleet away from my mind and I start analyzing my pains, I stop. I think of the homeless, the thousands that lay there on the street. thrown away from the society like the a person throws away spoil food. I think of Another day in paradise by Phil Collins.
I am a guy who goes to sleep with a Jane Eyre closely attached to his chest. A guy who doesn't dress up well. You may call me a geek but, I am just different.
I also enjoy Blind Guardian and some songs I should not delve into, I love things that are close to my heart and so true. I often listen to songs and cry and think of the brighter future that awaits. lets just quote the great bard here.